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Binance Who?

For anyone living under a rock in the last five months, Binance is the hottest exchange of cryptocurrencies at the moment. He recently claimed to have become the largest encryption site in the world by volume with $ 2.8 billion traded every day, according to Coinmarketcap data. The company also recently declared that it has reached 2.9 million users on the platform since its launch in July 2017.

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange has a global offering and supports multiple languages ​​including English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, French and German. It also offers instant exchange between 96 different cryptocurrencies and bitcoins, ethereum, tether (USDT) and its own native BNB token.

While the team behind Binance attributes its rapid growth to its service, technology and affiliates (members of the “Binance Angel Program”), the word on the road is that its relatively looser customer verification procedures do not hurt either. In any case, this pace is obviously not more sustainable for the company without an upgrade of its infrastructure.

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Why now is the perfect time
I’m going to give you an overview of why NOW is the perfect time to begin investing in cryptocurrency. We’ll take a look at the current global economics and I’m going to talk about the main indicator behind another 10x pop for Bitcoin.

Advantages and Disadvantages
We’ll take a look at the advantages of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin compared to investments like gold, stocks, and bonds. You’ll learn the primary reasons why you need to add cryptocurrencies to your portfolio in 2017 and beyond!

Beyond Bitcoin: other cryptocurrencies poised to pop
We’re going to go deep into analysis on cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin that hold the brightest futures… and highest returns.

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